Best water testing kits in 2019

Water is an essential natural resource; without it, life would cease to exist on Earth. Water in our world is being contaminated day by day and losing its purity because of the major industries and pharmaceuticals dumping their toxic wastes in our water supply which is not only harmful to the fishes it is also detrimental to the environment. The polluted water makes its way into our homes, and we use it for drinking or bathing, which makes it very harmful to us.

Fortunately, technology has come so far that we have water testers which check the water’s contamination level to detect its pH, pesticides, micro-organisms like bacteria, virus or fungal spores and other chemicals like lead, mercury, Chlorine, and Fluorides.

In this guide you’ll know about the best water testers of 2019:

Essential Indicators Water Test:

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The “Bang-for-the-buck” Essential water indicator test kit is the top pick on this list and best for all kinds of water testing needs.
It can detect a wide variety of chemicals and pollutants. It is easy to use and gives a thorough insight into the condition of the water having the ability to detect over 170 contaminants and eight kinds of bacteria and many more.

PurTest Home Water Analysis Kit:

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The most user-friendly and easy to use device, the PurTest home water analysis comes with different strips for the test for bacteria and pathogens and a separate piece for nitrates, nitrites, antimony, lead, mercury, copper, alkalinity and pH of water. It gives accurate results, and it is effortless to use and insightful. It has received mostly positive reviews as very easy to use the device.

Watersafe Well Water Test Kit:

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If you use well water for your household, then this device is for you as it detects high levels of nitrates and nitrites. Since well water is already underground, so it’s bound to have a higher level of salts as compared to fresh water.
WaterSafe well-water test kit helps in identifying dangerously high levels of nitrates, nitrites, Chlorine, lead, antimony, iron, and mercury very easily. It can test for any pathogenic activity inside the water and the presence of pesticides.

Poolmaster 5-Way Test Kit:

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The Poolmaster 50-way test kit is the best water testing kit on the market to check the pH, levels of Halogens inside a pool. As the pool is standing water, it is bound to have a pH increase as a result of promoting fungal growth. You can clean the pool with Chlorine, but high amounts of Chlorine will increase the acidity of the pool and irritate the skin of the swimmers.
The PoolMaster 5-way kit is an easy to use device which allows the user to know the current pH of the pool and keep it under consideration for an optimum level to make sure the pool is harmless to the swimmers.

Water testing should be a norm as water is being contaminated day by day, but this is the age of science and technology, we possess devices that help to check the water contamination and act accordingly.

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