Best Water Filter Pitcher of 2019

Water is a means of life. No living thing can live without the intake of water, but the water in the wild may be contaminated by micro-organisms making drinking that water will make it a means of disease other than being beneficial.

You cannot drink water directly from the tap in most of the countries in the world. There must be a water filter in your household to keep yourself safe from the pathogenic organisms that may be carried in the water. In this article we’ll discuss the best water filter, pitchers:

PUR Lead Reduction Pitcher Replacement Water Filter:

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The PUR lead reduction water filter pitcher is the top pick on this article for the best water filter pitcher out of any other water filter pitcher.

It is no doubt the best water filter pitcher as it has the ability to clean water from over 22 contaminants and is the best in its field of water purifying. It keeps the water safe lead contamination, which is not offered by many water filters.

Cons: It is considered to have low-quality materials used in it, making it less durable and prone to be fixed from time to time.

PUR Pitcher Replacement Water Filter:

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Second, on this list is also by PUR.
It has a carbon fiber filter, filtering contaminants like mercury and industry pollutants.
It also neutralizes high levels of Chlorine in the water and removes traces of other chemicals purifying your drink water.

Cons: Although the price is affordable, it is slightly expensive as compared to its competitors.

Brita Longlast Water Filter:

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The Brita long-lasting water filter is a durable water filter pitcher lasting for 6months and purifies 30 Gallon of water in its life. It provides great tasting water completely without any contaminants.

Cons: Gets clogged very quickly and have to be cleaned from time to time.

Brita Pitcher and Dispenser Filter:

Картинки по запросу Brita Pitcher and Dispenser Filter

It is the cheapest on this list of best water filter pitchers. It comes at an affordable price providing the best tasting filtered water, but it has fewer certifications as compared to others, so it is not the best in terms of purifying the water of all the contaminants, so it’s best to be used if you have a light filtering to be done.
Cons: It does not live the advertised life and breaks down fairly quickly.
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Water filters should be a norm for every household as most of the diseases are carried and spread by water. Other than that many industries dump their chemical wastes in the rivers, contaminating it heavily with life-endangering chemicals like mercury, lead, zinc, etc. which is very harmful if it goes inside our body while drinking water. So it is best if everyone planted a water filter in their home. I hope this guide helps you in deciding the best water filter pitcher for your home.

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